iamkyami gets in the feels on “Internet Friends”

Japanese-American artist iamkyami shares her new single “Internet Friends”. A relatable ode to our lives not feeling like they used to be, iamkyami flows over a bed of pillowy synths and kaleidoscopic guitar strings. “Internet Friends” captures exactly what life feels like at the moment, a memorable 2022 bop.

Waking up everyday, seeing the cloudy, grey skies in Manchester and wondering if things will ever return to “normal” was and is still weighing heavily on my mind. I’ve never been very good at maintaining friendships because of my busy schedule but I try to keep up with friends online. Especially with how things are now, that’s all we can do most of the time. “Internet Friends” is about trying to make more meaningful relationships with people while trying to break down the barriers that the internet creates. There’s people I speak to a lot online but the relationships seem like they can be very surface level. They probably don’t know my birthday or my favourite food or simple things like that. Because of this feeling, I tend to feel like I’m living life and doing things by myself like in the video. The song is also about getting older I suppose. Friends aren’t as free as they used to be and that takes getting used to.”

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iamkyami gets in the feels on “Internet Friends”
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