Hussy shares gothic dream pop track ‘Forever’

Multi-instrumentalist, Hussy, has released new single ‘Forever’ today. Building upon from her last single, ‘Slayer’, ‘Forever’ propels you into an even heavier and more enthralling soundscape.

Produced solely by Hussy herself, the track takes you on an incredibly dark ride. Gothic and haunting vocals, dramatic guitars, spiralling drums and bass; ‘Forever’ is an enjoyably versatile track.

Hussy said this about ‘Forever’…

“Forever, talks about my tendency to delve into escapism. I went through an intense period of lucid dreaming where I would meet people through these dreams; people I had met briefly or had admired, been interested with or even not met at all. I would become friends with these people very intensely and feel like I’d get to know them super well, better than in real life. Then when I would encounter them in real life there was a sense of loss, like something that could/ could’ve been. I guess it harps at longing for connections. People interest me and the romanticism of longing for friendship.”

Listen to ‘Forever’ below:

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Featured image by Julia Fiona Brown

Hussy shares gothic dream pop track ‘Forever’
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