Gatlin knows she’ll go back “Whenever He Asks”

Singer-songwriter Gatlin shares her new single “Whenever He Asks”. Rooted in alt-pop, the track also draws on 70s pop/rock with its glimmering embellishments. Written about heartbreak, the track is a addressing our ability to return to something even we know it’s better not too.

“‘Whenever He Asks’ took over a year to put together. I had originally written parts of the song one night on my guitar in December of 2019 and then played it for my producer/co-writer Nick Lobel a few months later. We were building a track and I thought that the pre-chorus would fit perfectly. It was my first experience with being involved in building a track and writing the song at the same time. It’s about a very low point in my life when I did not have a lot of self-worth, and let myself be treated very poorly by someone I thought I loved. Nick and I were listening to a lot of ABBA at the time so I think that influenced the melodies and production heavily.”

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Gatlin knows she’ll go back “Whenever He Asks”
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