With ‘Nomophobia’ being only her second solo single Beth Duck is head and shoulders above her peers to be at such a refined and polished point in her career so early on within her discography.

The track responds to the millennial attachment to phones and living solely through social media, defined in the title alone: “Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone and I can relate to this just as much as anyone else” (Beth Duck, singer). Duck voices her exasperation in the lines ‘I’m stuck online, I wanna hang out in real life’; inspired by a realisation that we, as a generation, have become so obsessed with our phones that we are stuck online in a cyber world where we no longer need to hang out in real life. Hence the premise behind this cyber-arthouse music video which highlights the stark difference between how we as a generation have learnt to portray ourselves on the internet versus the actuality of the reality we find ourselves in.

The music video is divided into two worlds: the one where Duck feels herself isolated from the people around her, with her friends too busy on their phones to form real tangible connections with her, this is noticeably distinctive in the white uniform outfits which represent the ‘reality’ of Duck’s everyday life. The alternate universe to this is where Duck and her friends portray themselves how they do online, using formats like Instagram stories, WhatsApp messages, and even the addition of the Facebook Messenger notification sound effects in order to concoct a fully rounded online persona. This facade is shown through the neon scenes, green outfits and increased mood levels as their social media identity comes to life, succumbing to the fact that ‘no matter how hard I try, I just can’t put my phone aside’ and fully submerging themselves into their phones.

Following the release of ‘’ Duck will be continuing to release new music off her debut EP, which will be out at the end of August, whilst simultaneously preparing for her next London show on 28th May at The Grace London where you can find her supporting MwS. (Circumstantial to the COVID-19 pandemic)

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