EP Track-by-Track: Take It From Me by Izzie Derry

Take It From Me is the second EP release from Brighton via Coventry act Izzie Derry.

Perhaps more experimental in the sounds and textures than her first release, the tracks follow a sense of narrative, taking the listener through a range of emotional soundscapes while blending country, blues, and folk.

We caught up with Izzie so she could take us through Take It From Me track-by-track.

All For Something
This one was written after a few things I’d worked really hard to make happen just fell through. It kinda felt like every time it tried to do something I’d just end up failing. As I always seem to do, I began questioning if I was actually any good at music and, as a believer in fate, I started to wonder if it was really what I was meant to be doing. Sometimes I think we have to doubt ourselves and think we’re doing the wrong thing to realise how much we love it and that there’s nothing else in the world that feels so right.

Now I See
This song’s about that time in a relationship when things have started to go sour and you know that you’d probably both be better off if you just broke up, but you can’t help but think of how good things used to be and part of you is still hoping that you can get back to that. Sometimes it’s hard to let someone go when you still love them and still have hope that things can get better, but ultimately some things just aren’t meant to be and when you get that gut feeling, it has to end.

I think this is probably my favourite track (if I’m allowed to say that). It’s a bit of an empowering, trailblazer kind of one. I wrote it when I’d basically had enough of people taking advantage of me, or putting me down or telling me I didn’t have the ability to do things. I think it’s kind of a fight back against people’s negativity and saying ‘I’ll do whatever I want to do and you can’t stop me’. Letting the inner sass out.

Take It From Me
Strangely, this was the first track that I wrote from the EP. I wrote it at the start of the summer when I felt like I was finally free of a lot of negative energy I’d been carrying. It felt like I’d finally realised what was important in life and I finally learned to love myself, despite what anyone else thought. To embarrassingly quote my own lyrics, all I wanted was ‘a life full of kindness, a life full of dreams, a life full of love’. Very much a hippie ballad.

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EP Track-by-Track: Take It From Me by Izzie Derry
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