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EP Review: ‘Midnight Love’ – Sloan Peterson

After years of cutting her teeth in the Australian DIY art scene, 24-year-old Joe Jackson – aka Sloan Peterson – has released her debut EP Midnight Love.

She’s named after the character from 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but her debut release sees Peterson creating jaunty, garage rock with a vintage edge, and follows more in the footsteps of fellow Australian musician, Courtney Barnett.

A thumping bassline opens Midnight Of Love in the form of ‘Good News Day’ and pulses throughout the track. The moshable garage riffs are enough to keep Jack White up at night and set the EP off to an angry and powerful start. This is the standout track, but by no means does it peak too soon.

The volume is taken down a bit for love song ‘I Want You’, which incorporates some swayable, bluesy rock. It would fit perfectly as the slow dance moment in a shabby 80’s movie. Its simplicity does make it slightly cheesy (Jackson sings “I want you” to her lover for roughly two minutes), but love songs needn’t be complicated.

The melodic, yet grunge-y guitars, gritty vocals and big chorus of ‘Rats’ reinstates the pace, and it would sound right at home on Wolf Alice’s debut album, while ‘Break My Heart’ is exotic, yet intimate, forming another quieter moment on the EP.

‘Ride’ is an old-fashioned let’s-go-off-into-the-sunset-together kind of love song. Over retro, reverb-y rhythms, Peterson swoons “David Bowie play your song, in your hotel, and I’ll dance along”. The lyrics could be referencing the video for debut single and Midnight Love’s closing track ‘105’, where she dances with ballerinas in Sydney’s Strand Arcade. The last music video filmed there was for parts of David Bowie’s massive hit, ‘Let’s Dance’.

‘105’ is the fists-in-the-air and shout-your-lungs-out moment on the EP. It’s got an irresistibly catchy pop hook and is the most danceable track by Peterson.

Midnight Love is an appropriate name for an EP all about the youthful joy of loving someone. Through short songs of compassion and heartbreak, Sloan Peterson combines 21st century rock with 50’s guitar pop and leaves the listener yearning for what is yet to come.

Featured Image by Natalie Cottee.

Words by George Press.

EP Review: ‘Midnight Love’ – Sloan Peterson
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