EP Review: ‘Heavy Water’ by HOLT

Having spent the last few years building her reputation for composing smooth and ethereal soundscapes intended to leave you breathless, London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist HOLT recently returned to deliver her eagerly awaited new EP Heavy Water, a release that has cemented her as one of the most passionate and alluring artists of the moment.

Filled with a distinct, piano-led sound, ‘Heavy Water’ brings together her previously shared singles ‘Hand In Glove’, ‘Tower’ and ‘Silo’ alongside ‘Hear Me Play’ and ‘Floating Islands’ on this beautiful five-track collection that many have compared to Bjork and Enya.

Although focused around her delicate piano playing, the release regularly adopts a wider range of instrumentation and percussion, adding levity and warmth to the EP and showcasing a richer and more cinematic aesthetic as it plays.

Speaking about her new offering,  HOLT said: “My music has always had a cinematic aspect to it and on Heavy Water, I wanted to explore the wall of sound idea and create soundscapes that are beautiful but with an ethereal eeriness. There’s a dance-inspired track in Hand in Glove, an emotionally exposed track in Tower, an exploration of unusual sounds in Floating Islands – it all hangs together in this other world of Heavy Water. The name for the EP was inspired by the phenomenon of heavy water, which is heavier than normal water because of an extra neutron – I loved the idea that something could seem identical to its normal counterpart but have drastically different qualities. A continuation of the idea of a beautiful world with a slight edge.”

Have a listen to the ‘Heavy Water’ EP in full below.

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EP Review: ‘Heavy Water’ by HOLT
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