EP Review | Girlhouse’s “The Girlhouse EP”

Originally from Portland and now residing in Nashville, Girlhouse, also known as Lauren Luiz, will take you away with her new EP the girlhouse ep. The invigorating tracks will bring you a sense of elation with her bedroom pop sound.

Lauren has been featured in a multitude of playlists and has even performed in the white house. Taking inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacas, this brilliant artist’s new EP is worth the listen.

The first track, “Pretty girl in LA” is an intimate lo-fi song with contemplative lyrics. The blissful track takes you to cloud 9 with its intimate authenticity about being made to feel not good enough and picking yourself up and moving on.

Her second track, “Knuckle Tattoo” is filled with vivacity and will make you want to dance around your room like it’s the 80’s with the guitar lines and electronic feel to it. It has a coming-of-age theme to it that is bound to keep you fascinated.

“The fatalist” is a dreamier track compared to the fast-paced previous two songs. “And this cycle in my head, hasn’t played its way out yet” The mellow tune is mesmerising and intimate, it almost makes you want to float away. The track opens to what it is like to feel confined, especially in your thoughts. It becomes even more relatable with the pandemic. Whilst “Loaded gun’”is a track filled with emotion and delves into trauma, vulnerability, and forgiveness – “I’m screaming at the top of my lungs; it looks like I’ve become what I was running from” she sings, it’s this piece of music that expresses the feeling of becoming something you have always avoided being and the conflict it brings in tow.

“Firing line” follows with its sweet-sounding but melancholic sounds that will keep your attention. The track picks up speed in parts and is smooth and easy to listen away to with its melodic lyrics. You will easily be able to lose yourself within this delightful number. Finally, the last track on the EP, “treading water” is a slower, graceful melody. The rich harmonies bring a youthful feel of growing up and make you want to go on a long road trip. The track will sooth listeners and the lyrics deliver a sense of being exposed. Feelings of immersion will be brought with this beautiful track as listeners soak it in.

Girlhouse’s rhythmic six-track EP will surely showcase her remarkable talent. If you are looking for songs that will make you feel like you’re in a coming-of-age movie, then this is the exact kind of music you want to settle into.

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EP Review | Girlhouse’s “The Girlhouse EP”
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