Delia Dane drops the groovy “Proof”

LA-based Delia Dane drops her anthemic new single “Proof”. A groovy noughties-infused pop single, “Proof” weaves nu disco within it’s strands to produce music that puts her message as a black, queer woman at the forefront. With laidback beats and effortless vocals taking centre stage, Delia Dane is an artist that showcases her emotional vulnerability with such ease.

‘Proof’ is about wanting someone so badly to commit to you, but then realizing it will likely never happen. It’s the feeling of putting yourself out there but feelings aren’t reciprocated and then dealing with the aftermath of showing your heart on your sleeve a bit too much. I’m infinitely proud of how vulnerable I was able to be on this song.”

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Delia Dane drops the groovy “Proof”
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