Chloe Rodgers gives us the fuzzy feeling on “Better View”

With vocals that hook you in from the beginning, singer-songwriter Chloe Rodgers in an artist with a promising future. On her new single “Better View”, she laces an incredible jazz-fuelled melody line that sweeps you into a fuzzy feeling. It’s a lullaby with a twist and it’s exquisite.

“I can’t take any credit for the ideas behind the ‘Better View’ music video, the team made such a cool set! We filmed a couple of videos in one day and ‘Better View’ was the first. The gaffers were laughing at me when Jodie the make up artist kept re-doing my makeup between takes because I obviously wasn’t used to it and kept giggling. I’ve never done a shoot in a studio like that before. I had initially imagined the music video for this song revolving around an older couple but it morphed into a live video and I’m pleased we did!

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Chloe Rodgers gives us the fuzzy feeling on “Better View”
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