Callie Reiff teams up with Kaeyra on “Heart Ain’t Safe”

Artisti/producer Callie Reiff and singer-songwriter Kaeyra join forces on the formidable pop bruiser “Heart Ain’t Safe”. A whirlwind of electro-pop sounds, it’s a knockout single that loops hypnotic beats with Kaeyra’s glossy, clean-cut vocals. Offering an almost cinematic soundscape, the single is a exciting release from the pairing.

‘Heart Ain’t Safe’ is about that one person who is always in the back of your mind. Wherever you are at, you know if they were there you would ditch the party to be with them,” Callie says. “I tried to mimic the lyrics with a somewhat dark feeling bassline, intense drums, and an energy that makes you want to be in the middle of a dark rave dancing with all of your friends.”

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Callie Reiff teams up with Kaeyra on “Heart Ain’t Safe”
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