Blonde Maze shares the ambient new track “Diamond Eyes”

Producer, DJ and singer-songwriter Blonde Maze shares the ambient new single “Diamond Eyes”. Glazed with compelling melodies, the single’s production elevates the piano chords into a track that layers thick synths and off-beat plucks.

Channelling the themes of love, “Diamond Eyes” captures confusing emotions and pairs them with a lo-fi house vibe that instantly hooks you in.

Blonde Maze tells us: “Diamond Eyes was one of those songs where the main chords, melody, and lyrics were formed almost instantly. The inspiration came from having some very special people in my past whom, especially when I’m reminiscing on memories with them, I wish I had more time with. Their eyes are always the first image that comes to my mind when I picture them. Reflective, beautiful, diamond-shaped eyes.”

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Blonde Maze shares the ambient new track “Diamond Eyes”
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