Black Honey release new single ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’

An indie-rock quartet renowned for their  visionary approach to merging music with film have released their latest single and its adjoining extravagant music video. 

Brighton band Black Honey, fronted by the enigmatic prowess and forward-thinking mindset of vocalist Izzy B. Phillips, have revealed their new song ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ alongside a complimenting and vibrant visual. 

Glittered with cinematic strings and dreamlike melodies, Black Honey’s newest offering finally sees them starting to exercise the sonic silver screen crossover Izzy herself eluded to during her cover feature interview with LOCK Magazine two years. 

The band’s usually guitar-driven sound has been refined and honed in, in favour of a more expansive soundscape that scales a much wider musical surface area, but with less instrumental congestion. 

‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ sees the traits of indie-grunge on which the band was founded start to subside and their underlying amped up melodramatic brilliance finally bubbling to the fore. 

If nothing else, it seems the real star of the show is now beginning to fulfil the lead role in what is slowing becoming her very own blockbuster masterpiece. 

Speaking about the track, Izzy B. Phillips said: ‘’Love should be universal, it should be for everybody. I guess I just got sick of the rules. Sick of justifying myself. Sick of feeling judged. Sick of losing.”

Watch the official music video for Black Honey’s ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ now:

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Black Honey release new single ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’
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