Becca James doesn’t want to be your “Perfect Girl”

Returning froma two-year hiatus, soul-pop artist Becca James shares her new single “Perfect Girl”. Drawing on themes of spirituality and connectedness, the single is built upon reverb-drenched harmonies and layers soothing piano tones underneath.

James once again showcases her brilliant honest songwriting with “Perfect Girl”, and continues to draw on her experiences create the most ethereal soundscapes.

“I wrote Perfect Girl because I was frustrated about the things I felt I had to be and had to change to “make it” in the music industry – much of which I didn’t have access to as a working class woman, and an image I didn’t want to portray anyway,” explains James. “It reverberated into expectations across relationships in my life, both platonic and romantic, with the expectations placed upon me and pressures I placed upon myself to live up to some kind of ideal.”

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Becca James doesn’t want to be your “Perfect Girl”
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