Bar Pandora shares the off-kilter alt-pop dream “Dear Man”

Coventry-based artist Charlie Tophill shares their new single as alt-pop project Bar Pandora. The debut single “Dear Man” is a fizzy single built with off-kilter pop sounds. Featuring dynamic beats and rich undercurrents, it’s a bold statement tha sees Bar Pandora ready to confess on her forthcoming EP.


“It was about 20 seconds of riff and drums going round and I just loved the feel of it,” she explains. “I listened to it on a loop for a while until my head was full of it, then I started recording an improvised melody over the top, which ended up being the one that stuck. At one point I got up at 2 AM and spent hours splicing up a baseline that Dave (SimplyDread) had sent me and putting it back together to make something completely different. That’s the baseline we used in the end, my insomnia induced bass-collage.”

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Bar Pandora shares the off-kilter alt-pop dream “Dear Man”
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