Aurora releases new single ‘The Seed’ and Announces album

23-year-old musical maverick, Aurora, has released new single ‘The Seed’ today. Coinciding with the single release is the announcement of her new album, A Different Kind Of Human, which lands on June 7th.

‘The Seed’ is a defiant and powerful tune that pokes at the ecological crisis we find ourselves in.

Succeeding Aurora’s surprise 2018 album Infections Of A Different Kind, the Norwegian artist aims to give fans a more “explosive and noisy” experience this time round. In a very sincere and mature way, the artist has said it is important to acknowledge that as a society, we do really care about what is happening around us, even if we act like we don’t care.  Aurora says the album reflects this sentiment…

“People say ‘live like you don’t care’ or ‘party like you don’t care’, but I like to care,” she says. “I think people do, too, now more than ever, for example when Trump was elected people became more involved politically because they were frustrated. It’s a time of open ears and open eyes”. “The music is supposed to be fuel,” she says. “Not against people but for the fire inside us”.

Listen to ‘The Seed’ Below.

A Different Kind Of Human is out June 7th.

Track listing:

  1. The River
  2. Animal
  3. Dance On The Moon
  4. Daydreamer
  5. Hunger
  6. Soulless Creature
  7. In Bottles
  8. A Different Kind of Human
  9. Mothership
  10. Apple Tree
  11. The Seed

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Aurora releases new single ‘The Seed’ and Announces album
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