EXCLUSIVE: Video premiere for Astræa’s ‘Tonight I Run’

Astræa cements herself on the UK pop scene with the music video for ‘Tonight I Run’


Being a female producer is not easy. The industry is overwhelmingly male-dominated and working twice as hard for half the recognition is all-too-common. Astræa, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry (including Jack Savoretti and arranging strings for Lewis Capaldi), has had a tough fight to get to the top.


Now one of the go-to producers in the industry, Astræa has decided to chronicle her experiences in reaching those dizzying heights, and the obstacles she has faced along the way. The result is ‘Tonight I Run’, a measured outpouring of absolute triumph and self-love.


The track itself blends piano, synth and strings together in accompaniment with Astræa’s deeply personal lyrics which tell the tale of the struggles she has faced in her climb towards the top. It’s a magnificent and victorious song, with a video reflecting her introspection and triumphs.


The music video, impressively recorded in isolation, sees Astræa playing her piano and dancing whilst dripping in digital projections. This imagery perfectly encapsulates the joining together of analogue and digital techniques which is so exemplary of Astræa’s songwriting style and the range of talent that she possesses. Her sound is both organic and earthly yet also futuristic, like hiking to the top of a mountain and hanging a disco ball to stake your claim there.


The performance segments of the video leave no doubt as to how passionate Astræa is about getting her message across – inspiring the underdog, being an exemplar for women who want to make it in this field, achieving the goals she has set for herself on her own terms. 


Astræa, previously a huge name in her field but relatively unknown outside of it, is now, with ‘Tonight I Run’, set to become a vital element of the UK pop scene. 


EXCLUSIVE: Video premiere for Astræa’s ‘Tonight I Run’
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