Anisha’s latest single ‘Maze’ is a wave of emotion

A CLASSICALLY trained soul singer with a penchant for genre versatility has released  her new single.

Anisha’s latest track, which is called ‘Maze’, is a wave of emotion brimming with heartfelt lyrics, smoothly gliding beats, her unique vocal, and diverse vibes.

More specifically the song tells the story of how a lack of communication in a relationship can leave you overthinking and hurting.

As an Indian American artist, Anisha hopes to pave the way for future South Asian artists and familiarize the mainstream music scene with Indian culture.

She’s certainly making a great start.

Speaking about the track, Anisha said: “‘Maze’ is about trying to navigate a relationship with someone who is guarded and unable or unwilling to express how they feel.

“When the communication isn’t there, it feels like you’re going through a maze trying to understand what the other person is thinking, feeling, needing.

“This song is a lighthearted articulation of that experience.”

Listen ‘Maze’ here:

Anisha’s latest single ‘Maze’ is a wave of emotion
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