Alice Gray releases the glowing indie-pop cut “Double Decker”

Sharaing her first release of the year, Alice Gray shares the glowing indie-pop cut “Double Decker”. Characterised with woozy pop melodies and electric guitar riffs, the single showcases Alice’s iridescent vocal melodies and lush production. This is a track made for summer days on picnics with vitamin D in abundance.

“Naturally, when we went into lockdown, I had many existential ponderings about how I was leading my life and decided to throw everything to the wind. I quit my day job, changed my team, dropped the ‘hustle’ mentality and reconnected with the ‘why.’ I met Pink Skies at the onset of this shift last summer and we were a sonic match made in heaven. ‘Double Decker’ was the third song we’d worked on together. The song is quite literally about partying on a double decker bus that my girl friends and I would hop on, water bottles filled with vodka in hand, on our way to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It’s a dreamy, drunken summer anthem. As we head into summer and the world begins to open up again, I hope this song adds to the newfound light and freedom we’re all starting to feel.”

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Alice Gray releases the glowing indie-pop cut “Double Decker”
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