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Album Review: ‘Visions Of A Life’ – Wolf Alice

On the 29th of September 2017, Visions Of A Life was born; the phenomenal second album by rockers Wolf Alice.

Since the band’s debut, My Love Is Cool, the quartet have stepped out into the big, bad world, whilst continuously touring and writing. Alongside producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen, they ventured across the pond to Los Angeles to record and produce Visions Of A Life over the course of three months. As a result, the Ellie Rowsell-led group have produced a bold and reflective collection of songs, on which they’ve most definitely aimed for the stars.

Packed with eclectic collisions and vibrant attitude, the North Londoner’s have clearly adopted a fresher sound, but echoes of My Love Is Cool still appear every now and then.

With its subtle and delicate tones, ‘St. Purple & Green’, for example, seemingly follows on from ‘The Wonderwhy’ – a hidden track from the band’s debut.

Also alike Visions Of A Life’s predecessor, this album’s twelve-song tracklisting is sewn together with sentimental, personal lyrics.
‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ stands out as one of the most intriguing love songs they’ve ever written, thanks to the fact it was carefully sculpted in order to include romantic lyrics that evolve throughout the song.

However, other tracks on the record like ‘Formidable Cool’, on which Rowsell yells, “If you knew it was all an act, then why are you crying?” highly contrasts and explores the different perspectives of love.

Despite the slight sense of experimentation, Wolf Alice’s exciting, raw sound undoubtedly remains on Visions Of A Life, but the lack of acoustic tracks on this record is noticeable.

Previous releases such as, ‘Bros’ and ‘Swallowtail’ revealed a more tender and subtle side to Wolf Alice that unfortunately we don’t see on the new album. However, this only proves that they are growing in confidence and aren’t afraid of doing what they want with their music.

Visions Of A Life is an extraordinary second record and it strongly implies that above and beyond is now the only pathway for Wolf Alice.

Featured Image by Laura Allard Fleischl.

Words by Robyn Crowther.

Album Review: ‘Visions Of A Life’ – Wolf Alice
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