LALA LALA - Photography by Matthew James Wilson

Album Review: The Lamb by Lala Lala

Lala Lala‘s second album The Lamb is a brief listen, with most songs coming in at under three minutes, but there’s a lot packed into the album which veers from mellow shoegaze to piercing punk in the space of minutes. Elaborating on the events and thoughts that surrounded the writing process, Lala Lala explains: “The Lamb was written during a time of intense paranoia after a home invasion, deaths of loved ones and general violence around me and my friends. I began to frequently and vividly imagine the end of the world, eventually becoming too frightened to leave my house.”

Born in London, raised in LA and now based in Chicago, the records covers a breadth of topics– from a break-in she experienced, to death, and becoming straight edge. It sounds like someone trying to find a new perspective, and embracing change within their life.

It’s an eclectic mix of styles from track to track, each one encapsulating a mood or a message within the time allotted, tied together by an effortless and sometimes effervescent performance. ‘Dove’ begins with a solitary vocal, before turning into a chorus of voices with sounds ushered in making it sound straight out of a western film. Think glamorous and gritty, dredging up thoughts that can often remain buried, and encasing them in a jewel encrusted frame.

Another highlight on the record is penultimate track ‘When You Die’, which turns from staccato guitar strums to a light headed shoe-gazey track with tumbling melodies. Lyrics like “I changed up the ending, to make it not so dark” speak to an optimism running through the track, as she promises to keep her friends safe.

Closing out with a saxophone solo, Lala Lala really has let this album take her wherever she needs to be. There’s no feeling of lost potential, or missed chances– The Lamb is an album that explores so many corners of her music and doesn’t falter once.

Click here to listen to The Lamb by Lala Lala.

LALA LALA - Photography by Matthew James Wilson

Review by Eloise Bulmer

Featured images by Matthew James Wilson

Album Review: The Lamb by Lala Lala
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