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Album Review: ‘Reflections Of Youth’ – EERA

With her debut album, Reflection Of Youth, alternative artist Anna Lena Bruland – aka EERA – has unleashed an unpredictable, unique and refreshing sound to combat the blandness of 21st century music.

The Norwegian-born, London-based musician predominantly recorded her new, edgier and soul-escaping album in a studio situated on a working dairy farm, deep in the wild of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. And that level of isolation has made for a beautiful LP.

Lead singles ‘I Wanna Dance’ and ‘Christine’ lyrically sum EERA up as an artist: upbeat and lively during the day when surrounded by others, but calm and open-minded at night when she’s alone.

Album opener, ‘Living’ hints at EERA’s struggles with solitary as “make me stand, make me rise, help me feel alive” is repeated constantly. It feels as if she’s trying to communicate with her audience that sometimes you need a little help and guidance and that’s okay.

The self-appreciating euphoria of ’Survived’ calmly sits at the core of the album and offers a sense of relief as EERA reflects on what she’s overcome during her life, persuading us as an audience to do the same.

Reflection Of Youth contains aspects of visceral beauty and blistering honesty and is definitely an album that assists in summoning some perhaps unwanted emotions to the surface.

The sole purpose of the album is to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and how to work and take responsibility.

I was surprised to hear that the ten songs that make up the album were mostly composed in the small hours of the night. Suitably then, they are best experienced when your mind is free to roam and travel wherever it wishes. So, let this album soundtrack that journey.

Featured Image by Alice Rainis.

Words by Cassie Murphy.

Album Review: ‘Reflections Of Youth’ – EERA
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