Agi shares debut single ‘Crying Past Midnight’

Leeds-based artist, Agi, has released her debut single, ‘Crying Past Midnight’.

The track features delicate electronic textures, rich melodies and effortlessly cool vocals.

Speaking about the single, Agi says: “This song is about an inevitable breakdown of a relationship. Not only is it very personal and close to home, but it also represents the way I want to be as a person. In hard and challenging situations, I always want to be graceful and understanding. I treated it almost like a conversation that I would want to have with the other person. Even when we’re both hurting, it’s about still being full of love and passion and wanting to lift the other person up so they don’t suffer.”

Listen to ‘Crying Past Midnight’ below:

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Agi shares debut single ‘Crying Past Midnight’
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