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Live Review: Bessie Turner @ The Swan, Ipswich

Having only just launched her career in music earlier this year and with the release of her debut single ‘Big Sleep’, Bessie Turner has been swamped with a multitude of festival slots and local shows over the summer. Tonight, she headlines The Swan in Ipswich – proving she is very much on an upward trajectory of success.

It is clear from the atmosphere in the room that those in attendance are already very familiar with Turner and her music, considering she has become something of a popular, local figure after her performance at this year’s Latitude Festival.

Although the venue is small, it is packed out with friends and family, and Turner can be spotted milling around throughout the evening making sure everyone is having a good time. But she’s enjoying herself too, even before she’s taken to the stage.

From the off, it is clear that Turner’s set is a shared experience between herself, her band and the audience watching. Everyone can be seen to be laughing, smiling and embracing the smooth tones of her voice – one that is perfectly suited to the pub setting in which the show is taking place.

If you’ve listened to Bessie Turner before, you will be aware of the bluesy nature of her vocal, and in a live environment it translates even more so than it does on record.

The combination of Turner’s softly spoken lyrics with the rhythmic instrumentals provided by her bassist and drummer, make for a wholly enjoyable set, particularly when she plays her latest single ‘Words You Say’ and her debut release. The latter of the two gives off a cosy, warm feeling that is perfect for the intimate nature of this show, and gets people swaying along with its calm, yet uplifting vocals and melody.

‘Milinky’, the B-side to ‘Big Sleep’, has quite a different tone to Turner’s other songs, but still manages to captivate the crowd with its tender guitar licks and interesting take on conversational lyricism.

Although many of her shows have been fairly local to the confines of Essex and Suffolk, it is almost certain that in the coming months Bessie Turner will be seen playing plenty of venues around the UK – bringing her delightful and endearing melodies to gig-goers up and down the country.

Featured Image and Words by Tasneem Hossain.

Live Review: Bessie Turner @ The Swan, Ipswich
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