WATCH: Irene Skylakaki reveals captivating video for ‘Under Water’

AN indie-folk singer-songwriter has revealed the artistically remarkable visual for her latest single.

Irene Skylakaki, a Greek alternative musician, recently dropped ‘Under Water’, which featured on her 2020 album Souvenir.

She has now unveiled the track’s captivating music video, which was directed by young filmmaker and photographer Lilena Marinou and shot in New York City.

The evocative accompanying video expertly matches and amplifies the intoxicating and foreboding sense of sorrow within the track.

Originally shot for the film SOMETIMES (when it’s dark outside) before the Covid-19 outbreak, Marinou worked with Skylakaki back in Athens to create a set of visuals that encompases the emotions at the very heart of the track.

The video also succeeds in reflecting the despair that descended on the city and indeed the world only weeks after filming concluded.

Despite the feelings of isolation and asphyxiation present in the beginning of the track, and video, the visuals take a much more hopeful tone towards the end with the achievement of liberation and freedom.

Serving to provide light in a time of darkness, it was the aim of both Skylakaki and Marinou for the viewers to find the strength and courage to battle on despite the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

When asked about the creative process Lilena Marinou said: “Irene and I were able to confide in each other, through our work, the feeling of being overwhelmed by memories of loss, where our oxygen dwindled and disappeared.”

“Expanding further, “but through that we were also able to realize a moment of release: a vehement whirlwind that shatters darkness. Her music and my visuals are a self-soothing concoction of opening up to the world again.”

Having steadily picked up steam since the album’s release last winter, the accompanying visuals for ‘Under Water’ are the perfect meeting of minds through a mutual creative outlet.

The music video for Irene Skylakaki’s new track ‘Under Water’ is out now.

Watch it below:

WATCH: Irene Skylakaki reveals captivating video for ‘Under Water’
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