Valkyrie share new single “Yaddy Ya”

New Zealand-based duo, Valkyrie, have returned with the new track “Yaddy Ya”.

It’s a high octance track full of electric influences, punchy lyrics and catchy hooks.

Speaking about the song, the duo said: “‘Yaddy Ya’ speaks to the energy around not caring about other people’s opinions of what makes you, you… so basically it’s the art of not giving a fuck. ‘Yaddy Ya’ started on a 5-string guitar. It was a late-night mate challenge to make a pop song with a missing string and it bloody became exactly that. At first the song was called ‘007’ because it sounded like a female James Bond type of song. We kept that initial feeling of having ‘a license to kill’ hence ‘Yaddy Ya’”.

Watch the music video for “Yaddy Ya” below:

Valkyrie share new single “Yaddy Ya”
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