Track Premiere: INBAL – Hail In Madrid

Following the release of previous singles ‘Right Mistakes’ and ‘Almost Twenty’, LOCK magazine are excited to be the first to share INBAL’s newest release ‘Hail in Madrid’.

The track is a moody soundscape of a story tangled between sleep and consciousness, clattering with new life halfway through as the ambient noise of voices and birdsong makes way for cacophonous drums, dragging you deeper into the spiral. The addition of strings, synths and bells throughout the track elevate INBAL’s storytelling, making sure the listener is with her for every tilt and change of pace throughout.

“Hail in Madrid explores the fuzzy boundary or line between where dreams begin and reality ends. That is, the illusion of being awake whilst actually asleep and our perception of surreal events that happen in a dream; that was the inspiration behind the song” she explains of the concept. The song is taken from her debut EP, which was composed, produced and mixed all over the world, from Brazil to Helsinki.

You can listen to ‘Hail In Madrid’ by INBAL below.

INBAL’s debut EP is due for release in September.

INBAL can be found via:

Official Website




Words by Eloise Bulmer

Featured Image by Liron Weissman Photography

Track Premiere: INBAL – Hail In Madrid


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