The Great Escape 2019: Who To Watch

This year we’re heading to The Great Escape Festival and it’s probably the most LOCK-esque line-up imaginable, with a budding array of new music comes the discovery of our new favourite musicians.

Here’s an insight into some of our schedule for the weekend and who we think you should be watching:


This act is everywhere right now and rightly so; to the point that it’s almost starting to feel as if there won’t be one festival without this name on the line up (and we love it). Their dynamic style is driven through their set by their performance and stage presence, not only making them the best act to see live but especially in a festival format.


Following her successes in previous music endeavours, Rebecca finds her brand new project to set to be just as successful, even in these early days. Her new sound is dramatic, direct and deafeningly exciting- and we can’t wait to hear it!


Here at LOCK we’ve been excited about LUCIA for what feels like sometime now: ‘with the sweetness of bubble gum pop, the easy swagger of classic college rock, Phil Spector’s widescreen ambition, and the gritty rumblings of the best riot grrrl and grunge.’ We first saw them little over a year ago and with this year being so exciting for the band we can’t wait to catch them again!


Priests are all we have been listening to leading up to the festival, and we really think they’ll set the tone for what TGE really is.


Lucidvox are a psychedelic rock band, based on folk melodies and the imagery of Slavic myth- these girls are breaking a lot of genre defying boundaries as well as gender stereotypes.


‘Raptuous surf-pop with rock swagger balanced by sugar-pop harmonies’- what more do you need, oh yeah and the fact they are THE Van T’s obviously!


The mix of big heavy hooks, heartfelt lyrics and groove based rhythms makes their live shows unmissable and keeps people coming back for more, like we are.


Few bands can boast of the kind of striking musical identity as whenyoung, they make some of alternative music’s most compelling new sounds; a soaring, stunning but still singalong take on musical anthemia, that fuses the storyteller’s nature of their home country of Ireland with the effortless cool of the London scene they now call home


‘If Vince Neil from the Motley Crue had impregnated Dolly Parton in the Viper Room one wild night of the 90s- then Cassyette would be their offspring.’ Honestly, this is the best description we’ve ever heard, and quite frankly never heard one to encompass an act more, just listen to Cassyette and trust us you’ll get it.


There’s something really exciting about this band and maybe it’s to do with how they both fuse and juxtapose what should be contrasting styles, as for every bolt of raw noise, there’s a sugar coating. But here at LOCK we love acts that are unashamedly pop, even just a tiny bit- and that’s maybe what makes this band so new wave in our eyes.


“Growing up in Russia’s southern city of Stavropol, sisters Aneliya and Emily listened to bootleg Nirvana and dreamt of faraway Seattle.” This notion is tangible in the bands haunting vocals, romantic synthesiser and resonant guitar where they set the scene through their ambient and atmospheric tones.


The band have been inundated with critical acclaim from Steve Lamacq’s 6 Music show, to being tipped in the Radio X’s Great Xpectations list, all while having only just released their third single, so basically if you’re not going to see The Mysterines you are missing out on the opportunity to see the next biggest thing before they breakthrough.


This band embody something very different for us, its fresh and exciting but all the while being quite retro and reminiscent. It is definitely true when they say their sound can be described as The Shadows on a Tequila-fuelled field trip to South America.


Known widely as a patchwork quilt of garage rock and oddball indie we can’t help but want to check this band out, just on that premise alone.


And finally, leaving the best until last, we will obviously be watching our original cover girl! Fresh off of the back of their critically acclaimed debut album, Black Honey are eager to get back out and invite people into their weird and wonderful world and we can’t wait to catch up with them.

The Great Escape 2019: Who To Watch
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