Tara Macri releases new single ‘Excuses’

A MULTI-TALENTED pop artist has released her latest single… and this time, she’s really had enough.

Tara Macri’s latest track is called ‘Excuses’ and has been put out by LA-based indie label 10 Count Records.

The fierce sounding track follows on from the success of her hit single ‘Prettiest Girl in the Room’, which broke Billboard’s Top 80.

‘Excuses’ comes out of the gates with a stripped back, infectious percussive beat.

Anthemic hooks and bold vocal melodies also create a strong, empowering soundscape, along with a back up vocal which further adds to the nature of the track.

Co-written with Andrea England, Hill Kourkoutis, produced by Hill Kourkoutis and mixed by the Grammy Award-winning Chris Lord-Alge, the single tells a story of betrayal and broken promises and acts as a powerful reminder to stand up for ourselves and make our voices heard.

Tara said: “’Excuses’” is about saying enough is enough.

“Counting on someone and they let you down. When they break that promise and all you have left are excuses.”

Listen to ‘Excuses’ now:

Tara Macri releases new single ‘Excuses’
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