ST. MARTiiNS share alt-pop single ‘Ur So Pretty’

Dundee based alt-pop duo ST. MARTiiNS have just shared their new single ‘Ur So Pretty’ following their recent single ‘Do Ur Words’.

‘Ur So Pretty’ combines electronic soundscapes with languid guitar riffs, effortlessly drifting between joy and melancholy. Using their shared love of electronica, jazz, indie and pop, the duo have developed their own unique sound which has gained them a wide fanbase.

ST. MARTiiNS continue to display an inherent knowledge of powerful pop, highlighting their ability to grow outside the mainstream.

Listen to ‘Ur So Pretty’ below.

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Words by Paige Sims

Featured Image by Lola Stephen

ST. MARTiiNS share alt-pop single ‘Ur So Pretty’
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