SINGLE: ‘We Are Golden’ by Julia Traser

Julia Traser follows up her debut single with an ode to sibling companionship, a familial, love-conquers-all hymn despite distance and differing life paths – Julia is originally from Livigno, Italy and has moved to the UK to study and follow her passion for music.

It’s a song full of space between the instruments, yet it also feels incredibly intimate with fingerpicked guitar and Julia’s soft vocal taking us through the first verse.

Theres a tantalising introduction of strings before the layered delicate guitars and male backing vocals give us a taste of the chorus.

The track carries us through a slowly expanding folk soundscape, leading to a melancholic middle eight with twinkling piano and strings building to a final chorus and outro.

Melody is at the forefront of this song, with each instrument taking its own moment to shine with its own quaint interlude before dropping back to provide just enough to carry the music on top of which Julia’s bright vocal can shine.

The backing vocals are layered nicely, and the male-female blend creates a different texture on the ear which really makes the harmonies pop. 

Julia has a strong sense of classic songwriting structure, and listening to her previous release (We’ll Forget The Whole World Tonight) it seems as though she has found a sound which suits her personal folk style.

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SINGLE: ‘We Are Golden’ by Julia Traser
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