SINGLE: ‘Life’s A Placebo’ by Kirsten Knicks

Released via Swedish Label Icons Creating Evil Art, ‘Life’s A Placebo’ is the first track to be released under Kirsten’s own name, having previously put out music under the pseudonym Völuspa.

Beginning with a disjointed cascading synth riff, rolling over itself again and again, it washes over you, a catchy waterfall of wonky fairground melancholy.

The dreamy distant vocals begin the first verse, accompanied by a basic drum machine and the gradual layering of otherworldly synths, creating a parallel universe in which the listener travels through with a feeling of weightlessness, the lead synth line anchoring you to the dream and providing consistency throughout. 

The tenderness of Kirsten’s vocals sway and meander through the track, coursing along like a smooth river of indie dream pop leading you into a tension building middle 8 – ‘In my defence, nothing’s real, thought I saw myself drawn to you, thought I’d found a love that’s true’ – before releasing into the final chorus, layering up the vocals and taking you on a final catchy head bobbing ride.

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SINGLE: ‘Life’s A Placebo’ by Kirsten Knicks
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