Rona Mac shares the woozy single “Weapon”

Hailing from a quiet corner in Wales, queer singer-songwriter Rona Mac releases her new single “Weapon”. Intertwining a woozy aspect to the track, the guitar driven melodies and lo-fi sonics create an exciting listen. “My love is a weapon” Rona sings. It’s a distinct track that offers an insight into an artist making DIY pop.

“I have to admit, I never thought I’d go this pop. In fact, I’d been in denial about the whole ‘indie-pop’ genre till Weapon wormed its way out of me one rainy morning locked up in the caravan. There’s no going back, is there? I woke up with the riffs in my head, and as always it was a chunk of emotion that needed to be unpicked from under my skin. The songs message is simple – love can be a weapon, and there comes a point when messy love loses its allure and all you want is something organic, simple and good (and not an oatcake). I produced this with a dear and heroic friend, Owain, at Studiowz, and we’re very excited to play it to your ears.”

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Rona Mac shares the woozy single “Weapon”
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