REVIEW: Janette King releases video for ‘In Vain’

The imagery produced in Janette King’s new video for her single ‘In Vain’ is an enigmatic piece of dreamy slow motion, artsy glitter bomb and natural beauty.

It’s clear that she’s got definite ideas for her music and just as importantly, the skills to create it.

Part producer, vocalist, musician and DJ Janette King’s ‘In Vain’ blends genres to create a smooth and sultry track that you’ll have on repeat all summer. 

Beautiful seascapes, sun-soaked greenery and the mix of old school recording give this video a whiff of nostalgia against the creative urban backdrops.

The calmness of the landscapes mirrors the soothing R’n’B tones of Janette’s vocals, lulling you into a dream of hammocks and cocktails.

The wailing guitar breakdown pulls you back into the groove to create some understated magic you’ll be swaying to.

Janette captures the hardships of maintaining a loving relationship with another person, and perhaps another and another.

Her questioning lyrics capture the essence of hurt and confusion in a loving relationship.

“Why do I try so hard in vain? Why must this be so damn hard?’’ she sings.

Her openness in applying these questions to a polyamorous relationship give listeners a glimpse into a world that’s rarely seen in the media. 

Catch ‘In Vain’ on her recent EP 143. 


REVIEW: Janette King releases video for ‘In Vain’
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