Rebekah Fitch releases the emotionally-charged new single “Goodbye”

Irish alt-pop artist Rebekah Fitch shares the moody new single “Goodbye”. With vocal harmonies that reach stratospheric heights, the single is an emotionally-charged track laced with bittersweet desperation. Underscored with a delicate piano melody that anchors the track’s featherweight bliss, “Goodbye” addresses the grief that occurs when two people finally decide to part ways.

“I have had several significant goodbyes in my life, but I never felt that I honoured them with enough recognition. I wanted to pay homage to those people that have had such profound influence on me and given me so much. In a time of so many goodbyes, I wanted to write something that people could weave into their own personal stories.”

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Rebekah Fitch releases the emotionally-charged new single “Goodbye”
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