R&B artist Sofija releases ‘Stay A Little Longer’

A PORTLAND-BASED R&B artist has unveiled her stunningly soulful new single.

Sofija has released ‘Stay A Little Longer’ following the release of her debut single ‘Right Next To You’ earlier this year.

Taking her stylish charm to new heights the track creates a unique soundscape, consisting of a blend of traditional beats juxtaposed with modern melodies

‘Stay A Little Longer’ is an electrifying statement single for this newcomer.

Reaching high notes that would trouble the majority of mainstream artists with an effortless grace and ease, Sofija displays her mesmerising control on her latest offering. 

Speaking about track Sofia said: “Stay a Little Longer was written about a heartbreak that was painful yet hard to let go of.

“I wanted to express a difficulty that is familiar to many regarding the feeling of knowing that it is time to leave a situation with someone you have feelings for, while also wanting to stay.”

Having begun song writing and teaching herself to play the piano by ear in her early childhood, Sofijahas gone from strength to strength.

With creativity seemingly flowing through her veins, she grew up listening to R&B legends, both old and new, such as Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Frank Oceanand Miguel.

Since then, Sofija has moved to Los Angeles, graduated from Loyola Marymount University and gone on to pursue her music career.

Taking her inspiration from modern musical heavyweights from the world over such as Kehlani, H.E.R. and Jasmine Sullivan, Sofija has crafted her own mesmerising sound that culminates in the delectable ‘Stay A Little Longer’.

Listen to Stay A Little Longer:

R&B artist Sofija releases ‘Stay A Little Longer’
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