Video Premiere: Rachael Sage – ‘Bravery’s on Fire’

The wait is over – we have the exclusive premiere of Rachael Sage’s beautiful, powerful and vulnerable music video for her deeply personal track, ‘Bravery’s on Fire’!

The song was written about the deeply personal tale of Sage’s struggle with endometrial cancer, from which she is now fully recovered. The lyrics themselves deal with the more general theme of vulnerability as bravery, and specifically about those times where we don’t feel confident or brave at all. The message we must take away from this is that there is bravery in admitting our vulnerability, and that supporting each other through trying times is the only way to make it through.

The video is a beautiful examination of the different states in which music can be appreciated. We see Sage backstage, playing piano for herself, in the studio writing lyrics and in one final theatrical performance in a field in which she sings directly to the camera. It really is an insight into the multifaceted genius of Rachael Sage, and it is a privilege to see even this small snippet of her working and writing process. 

It is fitting, for obvious reasons, to include fire and flames in this video for ‘Bravery’s on Fire’. In one scene, there are candles lit atop the piano, lending a glow to Rachael’s features as she plays alone in an empty room. The video begins with the striking of a match, and culminates in setting an entire piano on fire. Rachael sings directly into the camera as it spits flames in the background, effortlessly conveying the sense of a rug pulled out from underneath one’s feet – as one might feel in the wake of a cancer diagnosis, or livelihood taken away from you (as the loss of a piano would feel to a musician).

It also shows off the intensely personal nature of this song, as we see Sage involved in every stage of the writing and producing process, from writing lyrics at the mixing desk to performing the finished song for herself in an empty theatre. The video leaves us with a sense of privilege – we really are the lucky ones today, having been allowed into this deeply personal space of Rachael’s meditations on looking death in the face, and coming back from it with a newfound sense of humility and gratitude.

Watch the video for ‘Bravery’s On Fire’ below.

Video Premiere: Rachael Sage – ‘Bravery’s on Fire’
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