Q&A: Violet Days

Lina Hansson, aka Violet Days, is a Swedish alternative-pop artist. Releasing the infectious EP ‘Made In My Head’ last year, the vocalist shares her first release of 2019 with ‘Afterparty’. We sat down and spoke about her support slot on tour with The Midnight and how Sweden influences her music.

Hey Lina, thanks for chatting with us! You’re currently on tour with The Midnight, how’s it going so far?

We’re having such a great time! It’s crazy how we get to see all these cities and also do what we love at the same time, it’s really the best combination. People have been so incredibly nice to us all throughout this tour and that has given us so much new inspiration.

What’s the one thing you hate the most about touring?

100% That I get sick easily. The lack of sleep. That’s about it.

Tell us more about the name Violet Days.

It was inspired by my grandmother’s name “Viola”, I wanted to have something personal to connect with and it’s sort of an “alter ego” that I could step into.

“Afterparty” is infectious, what’s your process for writing music? 

Thank you! It always starts with a feeling that wants to come out, the lyrical process is often super personal and therapeutic. We usually start with a lyrical theme then we really dig into the melodies to make them perfect for the story.

You were born and raised in Sweden, how does that influence your music?

Yes. I think it influences the music a lot, it’s a lot of darkness in Sweden and I think that brings out a melancholy that we just can’t escape. We tend to write a lot of sad songs and dreamy songs, maybe that’s why. Folk music is also a big part of our lives and education from a very early age and it’s very melodically driven. The kids sing-a-long songs are also always super hooky in Sweden and I think that helps to teach us what a good melody is.

Finally, what else can we expect to hear from you this year?

A lot of new music! Experimenting is always something we like to do in the studio. We’re not going to repeat what we have already done, that’s for sure. 🙂 I’m super excited! 🙂

Thanks for speaking to us! Witness Violet Day’s adventures on tour with The Midnight below.

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Featured image by Oolof Ringmar.

Q&A: Violet Days
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