SOFIA is a promising singer-songwriter from Hellsinki, Finland.  To celebrate the release of her debut EP, LOCK caught up with the fast-rising artist to chat about music.

Hey SOFIA, Congratulations on releasing your debut EP, you must be so excited that it is finally out?

Yes, I’m thrilled! Feels amazing to finally let everyone inside my thoughts through these songs!

As the songs on the EP are all confessional stories about hope, love and vulnerability, what inspired you to tap into those themes when penning the EP?

Love, vulnerability and hope are all things we’ve all experiences during our lives. They all had an important place in mine. Whenever I feel vulnerable, writing songs about a particular situation that made me feel that way, gives me strength and makes me feel stronger.

At what age did you realise you want to pursue music for a living?

There was not a specific moment or age I realised I wanted to do pursue music for a living. I just always knew that I wanted to be an artist and performer. When I figured out that writing and singing was my life, it just kind of opened my eyes.

Would you say the music scene is thriving in Helsinki at the moment?

I think it is. In a way Helsinki is like the new Berlin. There are a lot of new music clubs, a lot of interesting small underground festivals, as well as Flow festival, which has gained a great reputation internationally. New Small studios are popping up, and Vallila borough is nowadays an area where you can always find the freshest Finnish artists and producers having a lunch break from their sessions. You should come over to Helsinki and to see one of my live shows and I can show you around!

Which artists do you currently have on repeat?

My favourites at the moment are Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges and James Vickery! They are a huge inspiration to me. Their lyrics give me chills every single time. The real feelings bursting out between the lines of their songs are something that everyone should appreciate.

Finally, Any plans to perform in the UK this year?

Yes, I’m actually planning to perform in the UK this year. I will hopefully have some confirmed dates to announce soon.

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