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Sharing her first independent project, Essex-born Ruti shares her stunning four-track EP “All At Once”.  Guided by her innate creative compass and fuelled by the musings of her personal experiences, the EP is a glorious insight to an artist paving her own path. Although you may recognise her as the winner of The Voice season 7, her new direction sees her exploring the new-found independence. We had a quick chat with Ruti ahead of the EP release. 

Hey Ruti, how’s your week been?

My week has been quite chill actually, now everything for the EP is finished and delivered I’m just waiting for it to be out! I enjoyed walking in the few days of sunshine.

Let it be known that we have been super excited for your EP release!! How are you feeling about it all?

I’m nervous-excited, like usual. I’ve got two new tracks that have never been heard or performed live, so I’m just anxious about the reaction. Otherwise I’m pretty ready for these songs to be out there now!

It’s been two years since your debut EP was released, how have you changed as an artist within that time?

I think that you can still tell it’s me but I’ve been able to explore and go even further with my sound. I’ve definitely grown more confident in my own opinions and decisions musically. I’ve been freely trying out different genres and combining my ‘old sound’ with new things. Also, during this time, especially, I’ve been able to work on new performance styles which I can’t wait to showcase once we can gig again! I have a whole new team now as well, who have just supported and advised me through this growing period. That’s been a massive help.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Ethereal, groovy and floaty are the best words I can come up with I think to describe it!

How was the writing process for this EP? Did it differ from the previous?

All of these songs were written before Covid. So the writing process was still quite similar to how I’d written before. Often it was half an idea that I came up with at home and took into sessions. Sometimes it was completely fresh. One of the songs I actually wrote myself fully and then worked on it with a producer when we were allowed in other peoples home for a little while.

What’s the most surreal moment you’ve had in your career so far?

Last year I woke up to my sister running into my room shouting “You’re on Tyler the Creators story!!” I was like no I’m not! He really like my song Closer to You and the music video. He tweeted about it, he sent me a dm. It was just another day of Lockdown, I don’t even know what day it was. I don’t know how he even found it. It’s weird to think about, even now it makes me laugh.

You’re from Essex, how has the county influenced your sound?

I would say the county itself hasn’t had a massive impact on my sound but we’ve got quite a cool little music scene here. I’ve been able to meet and work with local musicians and there was always an open mic night somewhere and festivals in the summer that there were opportunities to perform at when I was younger, even now. And of course I’ve been influenced by the music that me and my mates listened to growing up. I think secondary school was when I was really began listening and finding lots of music.

Finally, we heard you grew up with ABBA playing in your house – what’s your favourite track of theirs and why?

My favourite Abba song is called Summer Night City. It’s quite moody but I feel like it really sets a scene. Don’t worry it’s still super cheesy disco. I feel like it’s a lesser known track so if I had to choose one of the big ones it would be Voulez-Vous definitely!

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Q&A: Ruti
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