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Hailing from Brazil now living in London, Latin pop artist Nonô soon releases her debut EP which promises to take us to a neon, tropical paradise perfect for a summer of freedom. Heavily influenced by her Brazillian upbringing, her art is vibrant and bold. A combination that makes her a very exciting artist to have on our radar. We spoke to the Nonô about her EP, female empowerment, and potential live shows.

Hi Nono! I’m so glad I get to talk to you, your new music transported me to a neon paradise. Is there a particular place your music is inspired by? 

Thank you for giving me this space! I think my music is heavily inspired by all the places I have lived in my life; so it’s a taste of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and London. I always try to mix tropical vibes with a more urban city sound, so I’m very glad this came through to you!

There’s a real sense of feminism and independent women running through your music, how important is it for you to share that with your fans?

I find it very important to help empower people, especially women. I was lucky to be raised by some very strong females that taught me how to stand up for myself, work hard and not take no for an answer and that’s what I wanna pass along with my music. I want people to feel like they are the bosses, the main characters in their own lives.

Who would you say are some women in pop who really inspire you?

I would have to say that in the new pop generation it’s Nathy Peluso, Tkay Mzaida, Kali Uchis, Doja Cat. But obviously, I have to mention ICONS and rulers of pop like Rihanna, Beyoncé, J-Lo, Christina, and Ariana Grande.

What’s the typical writing process like for you?

I start my songs with the melody and from that, I can usually pick out a few words from what I mumbled in the draft recording. Then from that, I get a feel for the concept while tying it together to something that I’m going through at the moment. Finally, I add lyrics to it, record main vocals and ad-libs!


You’re from Brazil and now based in London, is that right? How do you think moving to London impacted your music?

Sim, that’s right! I think London really opened my ears to different cultures and different genres. It’s hard to explain but moving here actually made me appreciate my culture even more and helped me translate it into music. Also, the fact that I feel like people doing music in London are more open-minded to experimenting with different styles and sounds really helped me when I was trying to find my musical identity.

Your EP tracks are so lively and fun, do you have any plans for playing them live?

YES ICON, I DO – I am playing a live show on the 15/07 at The Grace in Islington. After over a year of not being able to play live, I’m finally going back on stage (thoughts and prayers to my stamina).

You have an impressive following online, how does it feel to have all that support so early in your career?

I definitely feel very lucky to have that support – I don’t think people realise how much of an impact social media has on everyone and especially creatives. So when you get that love from genuine people it’s just very comforting. I’m very grateful for it!

When can everyone expect to hear your new EP?

My EP – MIDNIGHT MIMOSAS – is out on 2nd July and it’s gonna be available everywhere!

Thank you for talking to us!

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Q&A: Nonô
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