Q&A: Mia Milla

Mia Milla recently shared her delightful new single ‘Little Red House’. Teaming ethereal vocals with delicate melodies, Mia’s Scandinavian-inspired sounds are hauntingly beautiful. We caught up with the singer-songwriter to discuss her latest single and living in Brighton.

Hi Mia, What inspired your latest single ‘Little Red House’?

The inspiration behind it was imagining someone being trapped in a house on their own with a sort of love/hate relationship with being trapped but also feeling safe from the outside world! I am also half Swedish and my family do actually have a Little Red cottage in the Forrest’s of Sweden and so that’s where I came up with the idea to incorporate the ‘Little Red House’ into the song because I think it’s quite cool visually to imagine it!

As you wrote the track in your teens, would you say your creative process has changed much since then?

I would say yes and no! My dad taught me some basic chords on the ukulele and so I used to come up with chord sequences that I liked and then go from there! Now melodies sort of  just come to me and I record them straight away so I don’t forget them!

What was it like making the video for ‘Little Red House’? The video utilises various different camera angles..

Filming the music video was so much fun! We wanted to make it quite ‘dream’ like (hence the effects used) because the idea was that the music video is a world apart from the lyrics in the song. It’s like the character in the song is dreaming about being outside of her Little Red House in a bright place with a colourful suit which is so far from what her reality is.

Dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with Joss Stone! Her soulful vocals are literally what I used to aspire to when I was younger and some of my favourite songs are by her!

Are you still in shock that previous single ’The Way I Roll’ has hit 100k streams?

Absolutely! It’s crazy how well The Way You Roll has done and I’m so proud of it as I really do love it as a song!

Tell us your favourite thing about living in Brighton..

It’s got to be living near the sea! In the summer there’s nothing better than having a bbq and drinks on the beach with friends watching the sun go down!

Finally, is there anything exciting happening for Mia Milla later this year?

Yes! I have quite a few new singles which I’m hoping to release throughout this next year which is super exciting! I also I have some exciting gigs coming up which will be announced on my socials soon!

Thanks for speaking to us!

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Q&A: Mia Milla
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