Q&A Interview: Marie Dahlstrøm

Marie Dahlstrøm is an R&B and soul inspired singer from Roskilde, Denmark. Having recently dropped her new EP Kanel, LOCK Magazine spoke to the rising star about the EP, music, and her creative process.

How does it feel to have your EP out in the world?

It feels good, I am so happy I managed to wrap this project up for the summer, I feel like these songs represent warm weathers haha!

How was the experience of recording in Corsica?

It was really nice – we were in the mountains, in a small village with about 10 other houses and lots of stray dogs. It was a beautiful place to focus on just making music, away from the usual distractions. 

It was recorded in only one week, did it ever get stressful?

In fact it was made in 5 days – a song a day. I think me and Jonathan (JNTHN Stein) managed to create a really efficient work flow, that allowed us to make the most the time we had. I didn’t feel it was stressful, I just felt it was very productive and the songs came naturally. 

Your music is a blend of RnB/soul and pop. Did this develop over time or was it a conscious decision going into the writing process?

I don’t really think of genres like this, I just go with whether it is a good song or not, and then see how it turns out when the production is done. 

Some songs fit some ‘genres’ better, but I try not to deliberately put a song in any kind of box. 

How does the songwriting process usually go for you? 

It usually starts with chords which make me think of certain experiences or put me in a specific mood, and then the songs kinda builds itself around that feeling. 

What’s your favourite track from the release and why?

hmmmmmm.. That’s hard, I think I would say Let It Go or Bring Me Back. I love the beat and vibe of Let It Go and I think, Bring Me Back is the most interesting song, composition and harmony-wise. 

Are there any plans for a full length album in the future?

Yes, that will be the next big project for me! … But before that, there will be a couple of things to come this year.

What can people expect from your London show later this year?

Full live band, lots of harmonies – the songs will be without a backing track, everything will be played live. A sick support set from Secaina, and some good DJing from Ralph Hardy. 

Now your EP is out, what are you looking forward to most for the rest of 2018?

I am working on releasing a live EP with some of the new songs, and I am on my way to LA to write and record an artist collaboration with female musicians from around the world, so I’m really excited about this. 

Interview by Eloise Bulmer

Featured Images by Bob Sala

Q&A Interview: Marie Dahlstrøm
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