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HÅN is an artist who has been using dark melodies to charm her fans, the press and many others who have been watching her career switch from a local Italian artist to a talented songstress known across the world. HÅN spoke to us about life as an artist in a pandemic, music being therapy and plans for the future, which is fitting as she is definitely an artist to keep an eye on for the future.

Good morning/afternoon! Firstly, how have you been during the pandemic?

Not very well to be honest haha. I had an Europe tour, SXSW and Liverpool sound city programmed and everything was of course cancelled. I also had many changes in my personal life. I think it really affected my mental health and made me question a lot of things. Then In September I moved to London, I finished writing the album, and met special people. Many things have changed for the best since the beginning of the pandemic but in some way I’m still trying to fully recover from it!

The new track ‘Sonic96’ is all about escaping reality and going into a fantasy world, what’s happening in this fantasy world?

I guess it’s a safe space? Again talking about these things that have happened during this year, I think I’m realising a lot of stuff during this period that I’ve never really addressed before. Now it’s not about escaping reality, it’s more about being aware of the impossibility of living in such a fantasy world. I feel the necessity of living in the real world and being more grounded. I’m kinda tired of fluctuating and want a more solid and stable plan to follow.

You recently signed to Sony Music Italy, can you describe that feeling?

The moment I knew I was very surprised. One of the main reasons I left Italy last year was because of my music, which is sung in English and therefore not very attractive for the Italian market. So the offer caught me off guard, positively of course. I’m excited about it but we just started so I’m not experiencing the direct consequences already, I think I will become more aware of it in the next months! As I said before, I’m still a bit in this pandemic mentality and I’ve not realised how lucky I am and that I actually reached a big milestone of my career.

You grew up in a small Italian town, is it a weird feeling to reach so many people across the world with your music?

Yea! I think the best thing is when people write to you or they talk to you in real life. Streaming and numbers don’t feel real at all. But I really love when someone sends me a message explaining why they’re listening to the songs, what they think about it, or when we have a conversation after the shows. It’s really all it is about. Making music during the pandemic almost felt unreal because of this!

You use music as your therapy, which I can relate to, but what have you been listening to recently that calms any anxiety within you?

Musically speaking, Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens work very well to calm me down. Otherwise I listen to ASMR playlists, they’re perfect to sleep and to get tingles. (It’s not weird I promise)

You recently had a music video premiere with Rolling Stone Italy, is there any pressure to do well in this industry now you’re getting all this press?

I think the biggest pressure has always come from myself. I’m very judgemental about my music and performances. Right now I’m really proud (for the first time) of the music I’m making, so I’m definitely expecting more also on the reactions side. I’m making the best music I’ve ever made so I want people to acknowledge that! This is the pressure I feel.

If you had to choose one thing, what’s the one thing that helps you on a bad mental health day that isn’t music?

Probably a talk with my friends. There’s this place where I’m from on the top of a little hill. You can sit there in the grass with a beer and look at the view while you talk about everything. It’s very calm and peaceful.

Finally, when gigs and festivals come back properly, what’s the first thing you’ll do on tour?

First of all I plan to put on a great show. First thing I’m doing on tour is talk with the audience and the fans after the show, getting to know them! I love sharing experiences and ideas.

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