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Charlotte OC’s performance at Shoreditch House has been one of the most memorable of the year for me. I was super excited to get an insight into this Blackburn-born artist with a cosmopolitan appeal and, from what I sensed, a vagabond spirit. Perhaps my favourite answer from Charlotte is where she explains how a certain look on stage can impact the way she performs. I can totally relate. Wearing something that makes you feel good, can also make you feel your own power. Charlotte not only empowers herself through her music, but also her audience. Charlotte’s performance and music is as inspiringly authentic as she is.

Hey Charlotte, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

What do you prefer, listening to music or playing music? If you could only do one or the other for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?

Jesus, that’s a hard one. Listening to music can be like therapy for

me and so is performing. I can get inspired when listening to other music but it can also be quite hard when a song can remind you of somebody you’ve lost or a certain situation. Performing also does the exact same. I don’t think I can really give you an answer when it comes to choosing as I feel like I need both. 

You’ve not long released your latest single. In the press release, you mention that it was inspired by a time in your life where you realised that you weren’t the ‘Centre of the Universe’. Can you give us more of an insight into how you felt upon that rude awakening? And how have you developed as an artist because of it? 

I think lyrically it broadened things for me and I have to thank the lads from The Howl and The Hum for that. They helped me tap into a new form of honesty that I’ve ever really touched on.  

You’re also releasing your album soon. What was the most difficult song to write? And which was the easiest? 

The easiest was Forest as I’d written it all at home in Blackburn so it was just a case of producing it. The hardest was Inevitable as this was about losing my Dad.

Which song are you proudest of on the new album? 

Here comes another and Working On It. 

Which bands/musicians could we find on your Spotify Artist Radio?

HVOB, E.S.G, Wolf Alice, Cocteau Twins, The Cure

Does fashion/poetry/culture influence you?  

Massively, I get inspired by absolutely everything. I think the way I dress impacts the way I perform when I’m on stage.

You’re from Blackburn. Give our readers a local’s tour of your hometown – where shall we go and where shall we avoid? 

The yellow hills are a beautiful walk. The Clog and Billycock is a nice pub and Cherry Tree Chippy is the best chinese going 

What’s your earliest memory of music? 

My earliest memory was my parents dancing on the table in our kitchen to Talking Heads with their friends at 1am – watching them unite and connect to the music together made me realise the power of it. 

If you could collaborate with any artist – dead or alive – who would it be? 

Danger Mouse, Julia Jacklin, The Cure, Freddie Mercury.

If you could transport yourself anywhere in the world throughout history, where would you go? 

The 60/70s and back to the early 2000s to just be with my Dad again . 

How did lockdown affect your creative process? 

It left me feeling like I could be free – life before felt too fast and I couldn’t breathe. It helped me a lot.

Will we ever have definitive eras again, like the 60s, 70s, 80s etc? What do you think the 2020s will be known for in the history books?

I don’t think we will. We will always be touching on those eras but with a new take on it.

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Q&A: Charlotte OC
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