Q&A: August Wahh

Rising songwriter August Wahh recently shared her stunning new EP ‘Vivid’. Created during lockdown and collaborating remotely with different artists, the EP is an expansive listen from the offset. We had a quick chat with the brilliant August to talk about the release, the Phillippine music scene and what she’s proud of this year.

Hey August, congrats on the release of your EP ‘Vivid’! How has this year been for you?

Hi thank you so much! This year has been incredibly unpredictable which kinda makes it exciting. Lots of highs, lots of lows – altogether this was a very monumental year of growth and change, and expansion.

Tell us more about the EP and what inspired you to create it.

The EP was definitely inspired because of lockdown and having too much time on my hands, and really getting to contemplate on life. Lockdown musings and daydreams really, that’s what inspired it the most.

‘Vivid’ sees different genres intertwining to create a unique blend of sounds, what musical influences did you draw upon for this EP?

Yeah it was a time for exploring new sounds and styles for me. I was being sent beats left and right, so the exposure to varying ideas was an exciting venture. I kinda just absorbed them and let it play out how I felt – I love house and dance music, I love dynamic electronic instrumentals, and I always go back to that organic live sound.

You also collaborated with an array of artists to perfect this release – was that an easy process for you? How does the Philippine music scene differ to the UK?

Yes, and no at the same time. Yes in a sense because I was up for the challenge – I feel like if you have the mindset to take on a challenge, you’re more open to possibilities. But it was also difficult with the back and forth because everything was done remotely and online, and I’ve never met the artists I collaborated with in person. Normally it would be easier when you get a feel off of each other’s vibe and bring that to the table. The EP proved it could happen online though, it was something new and unfamiliar but it did work out and I’m happy about that.

How does the Philippine music scene differ to the UK?

I haven’t been to the UK (yet!) so I’m not entirely familiar with the UK scene. But based on the people I’ve worked with from the UK, I’ve a feeling it’s similar to the scene here in terms of talent, but there’s more industry support for independent artists.

Are there any artists from that scene that you think we should be checking out?

Check out crwn, Pasta Groove, Justin de Guzman / Deeper Manila, Riot Logic, She’s Only Sixteen.

We’re coming to the end of 2020 thankfully, what are you hoping to achieve next year? 

I’ve got a couple projects lined up, so definitely more music that’s for sure. I don’t know if I wanna say anything more than that, cause I love giving people surprises.

Finally, one thing you’re proud of doing from this year.

I’m proud of myself this year because I feel like I’ve come home to myself – I started doing a lot of things that I had left on pause for a long time, because other priorities came up – because life happened. But this year gave me the time and opportunity to jumpstart old projects and personal hobbies, like hiking and biking, just being adventurous in the outdoors. So I guess being with myself is the proudest thing I’ve done this year.

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Q&A: August Wahh
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