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Coming from the Big Apple, Annalise Azadian’s Soulful R&B and Alternative pop creates an impressive vibe. An artist that can’t be ignored, as she has already garnered attention from producer Swagg R’Celious and opened for artists like Cardi B. Not only that, but she has also gained praise and respect from even bigger stars such as Elton John. After her hit single ‘Bogu$’ racked up millions of Spotify listens, Annalise has released ‘Life of the Party,’ one of her newest tracks that is sure to take on a life of its own. Be on the lookout for the Armenian/Irish artist as she dominates and takes the music industry by storm.

Hey! How has your week been, Annalise?

Hey, my week has been great! I’ve been working on new music and just got back from a small break I took visiting Sint Maarten and enjoying the sun for a couple of days before the summer comes to an end. Such a beautiful country!

You have just released a new track titled “Life of the Party” What significance does this song have to you?

My new track “Life of the Party” is significant to me because it’s easily overlooked as another upbeat party song but it’s actually a message about not loving to be the life of the party.

This single has a standout music video with a dope vibe to it. What was the inspiration behind the production of this?

Thank you!! The inspiration behind the video was originally based around an abstract scene in Vegas at the Seven Magic Mountains, which actually is the location of the last scene. They’re huge, coloured rocks that influenced the colours throughout the video, from the wardrobe to the entire aesthetic. The original track switched from a soul, funk vibe to a pop, dance record. When this happened, it called for a house party scene, so Steve Muelz, my videographer and friend, and I went back to the drawing board to combine these two ideas. The video is constantly switching to contrasting scenes, leaving you needing to watch it again to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Do you have a particular song writing process that you go through when making music?

Usually, my song writing process consists of me taking time to myself alone and coming up with a line or so to set the overall theme of the song and then I expand from there. Whether I’m sitting at the piano or playing the guitar or listening to a beat, I let it just flow out from within. The best songs come naturally, and I personally like to write about what I’m going through at that moment.

In the past, you’ve opened for a lot of talented artists. Is there anyone you dream of performing with onstage?

I’ve had the honour to open for a ton of talented people like Cardi B, Lukas Graham, Bebe Rexha, Bibi Bourelly and so many more. I would love to perform with Frank Ocean one day and have the opportunity to write a song with him. I love his songwriting style and I think our voices would sound amazing together on stage.

Also, we have a remix of “Life of the Party” coming out at the end of September, so it would be really fun to be able to perform at festivals and other shows with the DJ, PS1.

And how did you start your journey in the music industry? Do you know when your passion for music began?

I started my career in the music industry really young and with no real intention in doing so. I picked up the guitar when I was 10 years old having been influenced by my grandmother – she passed away shortly after that year and that led to me writing my first song about that experience. My mom always encouraged my talent by listening near my bedroom door and not long after she was signing me up for contests and open mics. I realized I had something special from people’s reactions, so I started to reach out to venues in NYC and played a ton of gigs. I made my way to the Apollo Theater and won at 14 years old which really gave me the confidence to pursue music seriously. My mom and step dad were super supportive and helped me get studio time and to get my name out there. When I was 16, I was accepted to Berklee College of Music and ended up dropping out a year later to come back to NY to pursue music full time. Throughout the years I’ve had to make a living on my own so I would work multiple jobs to stay afloat and continue to take strides towards my passion, growing my fan base, and perfecting my craft and sound.

Is your sound influenced by any artists you admire?

I believe my sound has come naturally and as I got in front of more and more people; I would get a ton of comparisons. People would compare me to legends such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and from there on, I had to study them in more depth. I always loved their music, but I sat there and really listened more closely after it was brought to my attention. I grew up on old school R&B and alternative music such as Paramore and I feel like you can kind of tell in my music today.

Finally, what are your biggest aspirations as an artist?

My aspirations are on a long bucket list, but I would definitely love to sell out my own world tour one day.

I would love to become a renowned artist that’s respected for my talent and get to truly shine my full potential. I’ve been working at this for a very long time, and I know it’s for a reason. I really want longevity in my career rather than a quick 5 minute of fame.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Thank you for having me! Much love, A

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Q&A: Annalise Azadian
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