Pyra fights humanity’s destructiveness on “hole heart”

Genre-bending political artist Pyra shares her new single “hole heart”. Rooted with the message that humanity is a destructive force of nature, the single’s grungy guitars and altered vocals creating an atmospheric angst. The glitchy electronics and pulsing pop beats make for an infectious track. This is an exciting cut.

hole heart” explores the human destructive nature ingrained in our DNA in our capitalist society. Survival of the fittest comes from trampling over one another to rise above. We clash and hurt each other and walk away, broken, with empty voids in our hearts. The capitalist society promotes competition over collaboration and retaliation over compassion – that is why the younger generation faces rising mental health problems and are poorer in comparison to the older generation. The ones that came before us have exploited the resources and now we’re left to deal with the consequences.”

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Pyra fights humanity’s destructiveness on “hole heart”
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