Premiere | Mica Millar unveils the dramatic single “Preacher Man”

Independent artist Mica Millar shares her spiritual new single “Preacher Man”, and you can watch it exclusively below. Written about escaping capitalism and pursuing what it means to be human, the sleek, soulful track is built with repetitive claps which almost feel like a heartbeat running underneath the crisp textures. Layering her flawless vocals upon the track’s addictive sonics, Mica’s elegant lyricism is swung to the forefront.

Paired with a set of visuals executively produced by Mica herself, the video is filmed at the historic Liverpool Cathedral. Specifically set in the Cathedral’s bell tower, the video’s dramatic darkness reveals Mica as the bright beacon of light.

“The video for ‘Preacher Man’ is one of a series of six music videos filmed for some of the tracks on my forthcoming album (Heaven Knows due out 2022). This was the last music video to be filmed and by this point I felt like I’d been on a music video crash course, so after some reassurance from the team, I decided I would take on Directing this one. I decided to film at Liverpool Cathedral Bell Tower and the team and I created a stylised ‘ringing chamber’ at Vector Project Studio’s in Stockport. When developing the concept, and as I learnt more about cathedral and church bells, I discovered that bell ringing was traditionally and historically about ‘calling people to faith’ and this really resonated with me because of the song’s themes. The song draws ideas and moral principles from a variety of spiritual encounters (whether those be conversations, emotional experiences or things i’ve read or watched) – it’s about being encouraged to take a ‘leap of faith’. I wanted to personify these encounters in the form of a ‘Preacher Man’ for the song and when I saw Ziri Zadhi dancing in a video online, I knew immediately that I wanted him to star in the video – Ziri really made this his own and I’m really proud of the whole crew who worked tirelessly to helped bring the vision to life.“

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Premiere | Mica Millar unveils the dramatic single “Preacher Man”
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