Panteon reveals new single ‘Waking Waiting’

Yvonne Ambrée is a singer-songwriter based in Berlin that goes by the moniker, Panteon. The artist has released her latest single ‘Waking Waiting’.

The self-produced track is full of soft piano melodies, rhythmic guitar and serene vocals.

Speaking about the  single, Panteon says: “‘Waking Waiting’ deals with the result of a miscommunication between two former lovers. The days and weeks after a break up sometimes feel like a blurry vision (and version) of time and how it evolves. Some days it even feels like ‘time’ just stopped and you’re waiting for it to start again. Waiting to feel something again. You are waking up and waiting for the world to turn – to start making sense again. I wanted to create an almost meditative guitar pattern to dive into the emotion of dullness that one encounters when being heartbroken and settling into the new reality after all the anger, sadness and anxiety have vanished.”

‘Waking Waiting’ is taken from Panteon’s forthcoming debut album, Open Fire, which releases in April.

Listen to ‘Waking Waiting’ below:

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Panteon reveals new single ‘Waking Waiting’
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